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Discover Eco Residency’s custom, eco-friendly homes that set new standards for energy efficiency in Whitefish, MT.

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Welcome to Eco Residency

Eco Residency builds eco-friendly homes in new construction Whitefish Montana. We combine luxury with sustainability to create spaces that are both beautiful and energy-efficient.

The Need for Sustainable Housing

Addressing Environmental Challenges

In new construction Whitefish Montana, the demand for homes that meet modern energy standards is growing. Traditional building methods often fail to consider environmental impact, leading to higher energy costs and carbon footprints. Eco Residency steps in to provide solutions that not only meet but exceed these standards, offering homes that are both sustainable and luxurious, ensuring a greener future for our community.

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Eco Residency’s Innovative Approach

Sustainable Building Practices

Eco Residency utilizes cutting-edge techniques to create energy-efficient homes in new construction Whitefish Montana. Our projects stand as a testament to our commitment to sustainability.

Green Materials

We use sustainable materials and energy-efficient designs in every project, ensuring our homes are environmentally friendly and cost-effective.

Advanced Insulation

Our homes feature advanced insulation and renewable energy systems, reducing energy consumption and lowering costs for homeowners.

Smart Home Integration

Eco Residency incorporates smart home technology to monitor and optimize energy usage, enhancing both convenience and sustainability.

The Advantages of Eco Residency Homes

Why Choose Us?

Eco Residency offers the best in new construction Whitefish Montana. Our eco-friendly homes provide comfort, luxury, and sustainability, setting new standards in real estate.

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About Eco Residency

Eco Residency, based in Whitefish, MT, is a leader in sustainable new construction. We specialize in creating custom, eco-friendly homes that exceed energy efficiency standards. Our commitment to using high-quality, sustainable materials and innovative building practices ensures that our homes are not only beautiful but also environmentally responsible. Discover the future of real estate with Eco Residency.

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Success Stories

A Model of Sustainable Living

One of our flagship projects in new construction Whitefish Montana is 158 Mountain Brook Lane. This development showcases our dedication to sustainability with a Scandinavian-inspired, energy-efficient design. It features state-of-the-art HVAC, passive radon systems, and solar-ready infrastructure, reducing energy costs by 50% and enhancing comfort and luxury in Whitefish’s serene landscape.

Call Us: 406.897.3503

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