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Eco Residency, leading energy-efficient home builder in Whitefish, Montana, is setting new standards in sustainable home design and construction.

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Welcome to Sustainability

Why Eco Residency is Your Best Choice

Eco Residency excels in constructing energy-efficient homes in Whitefish, Montana, significantly enhancing living experiences while reducing your energy expenses dramatically.

Core Problem

Are Your Energy Bills Too High?

Many homes are built without considering energy efficiency, leading to increased energy consumption and environmental strain. At $138.90 per month, the cost of overlooking eco-friendly practices can add up, affecting both your wallet and the planet. Eco Residency is committed to changing this trend by integrating sustainable solutions.

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One of the Eco Residency homes with energy efficient design in Whitefish, Montana

Our Approach

Pioneering Sustainable Building

Eco Residency addresses these challenges with innovative energy-efficient building solutions that reduce costs and enhance living quality without compromising on style.

Passive Solar Design For Optimal Energy Utilization

Passive solar design at Eco Residency optimizes building orientation to maximize natural heating and lighting, thereby reducing energy costs and enhancing efficiency.

Eco-friendly house built by the Eco Residency in Whitefish, Montana

High-efficiency Insulation and HVAC Systems

We use advanced insulation and HVAC systems to ensure that your home maintains energy efficiency with minimal environmental footprint, providing comfort and savings.

One of the houses build by the Eco Residency with integration of smart home technology in Whitefish, Montana

Integration of Smart Home Technology

Our integration of smart home technology facilitates energy management, offering homeowners automation options that improve efficiency and ensure convenience.

Key Benefits

Benefits of Choosing Sustainable Home Builders in Whitefish, Montana

Energy-efficient homes offer numerous benefits including significant savings on utilities, enhanced comfort levels, effective remote monitoring capabilities, increased safety measures, reduced environmental impact, long-term cost reductions, and seamless integration with modern technologies. These advantages make Eco Residency’s approach highly attractive for sustainable living.

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Why Choose Us?

Leaders in Energy Efficient Construction in Whitefish

Aesthetic kitchen design build by the Eco Residency in Whitefish, Montana
Why Choose Us?

Leaders in Energy Efficient Construction in Whitefish

At Eco Residency, we integrate advanced technology with sustainable building methods to construct homes that not only achieve superior energy efficiency but also boast stunning designs tailored to meet all your lifestyle needs. Our approach ensures your home is both environmentally friendly and visually appealing, providing lasting value.

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Case Proven

158 Mountain Brook Lane: Efficiency in Action

158 Mountain Brook Lane exemplifies modern luxury with its Scandinavian-inspired, energy-efficient design. Merging Montana’s rustic charm with sleek, contemporary elements, it features state-of-the-art HVAC, solar-ready infrastructure, and advanced AV systems for an unrivaled living experience.

Call Us: 406.897.3503

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